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Welcome to the Watson / Kessler Family Specials

We are delighted to be reaching you through our World Wide Web server. A little about us but not too much.....You understand! Check back soon. The kids have not stopped long enough to get their pictures here yet.

Our most important times these days are with our kids. We have two in college, one out on his own with a successful computer business and one about to become a senior in high school.

See my hobby, working on our present Catalina 34 sailboat. Catalina Upgrades. Since this is the vehicle which brings other sailors to see my upgrades, I try to explain in detail & pictures, what I have done.

See Michele's hobby, loving our adorable SCWT dog. Kirby.

Our Featured areas:
Catalina 34 Upgrades
Teachers page
My Son's Computer Business

On our old sailboat

At a friend's wedding

My two favorite girls

Trip to Sag Harbor


WAIT ! We did get all the kids together but it took our own wedding in 1994 to do it!

Al's daughter, ALICIA

Michele's oldest son, RYAN

Michele's youngest son, ADAM

Tim, Al's son but no picture yet!

Ryan's girl friend, KERRI

Please explore our site and let us know how you like it and/or how we can be of assistance to you.

The entire Watson / Kessler family looks forward to hearing back from you in the near future.

Come Sail With Us....

Happy Sailing!
Al and Michele Watson

E-Mail me if you have any questions at (alwsail1@gmail.com)
OR E-Mail Michele at (mwseashell@gmail.com)

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