Our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

PIEW which means "Perfect in Every Way"

Four weeks old 
Visiting him, his mom, and littermates. We were fortunate to visit every couple weeks before he came home to stay with us.
8 weeks old
Home at last! 
Adam and Kirby  in a rare quiet moment.


10 weeks old.
 He is adorable and he knows it!
About 3 months old
A hug and a good-bye from big brother Ryan before he goes off to school.

The fireplace hearth was a great place to to lay down and rest....until he got too big. Playing soccer outside with the human boys!
Fresh from a bath!  Feels good and smells good!  Just clowning around!  Mom and Kirby deliver birthday greetings to teachers at school.
Kirby at our wedding reception.
August, 1994
In January, 1999, Kirby had surgery to remove some suspicious lumps. The t-shirt was to protect the stitches. Everything was fine!
With his human brothers, Ryan and Adam, in 1991
With his human brothers, Ryan and Adam, in 1999

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