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Galley Sink Drain Conversion to 1 1/2" Drain

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Total cost was about $18

Galley Sink Drain, changing to 1 1/2" plumbing to the 1" through hull

In a message dated 1/2/99 12:21:29 AM, someone wrote:

"Does anyone have the Mainsheet Tech Notes article on upgrading the galley sink using a household type double sink drain kit? I saw such a kit at Home Depot made out of polypropylene. Is it safe to use below the water line?"

See Mainsheet FEB 1996 as a referance. Looks the same except the right side of drain must drop flush with the sink to avoid the draw unit.

I am in the process of doing this right now! (March, 99) The sink is in my basement so I can get it right before I return it to the boat. The down side of using the plastic drains is that they use washer and slide nuts over the connecting parts and they are just what they are called "SLIDE". These parts can not be over-tightened and with a good wack or constant vibration can come apart. The up side is the sink will drain well!

I did drill small 1/16" holes in the wings of these plastic parts and was able to use stainless wire to pull everything up and wrap around the threads of the sink drain, This will keep anything from vibrating loose. Just like we wiring the two set screws that hold the transmission flange to the shaft.

Plastic Parts from Home Depot:

1) one double sink 1 1/2 inch drain set

2) one stubby Tee 1 1/2 inch with slip nuts at all three sides of the tee

3) a 90 1 1/2 inch elbow with slide nuts on both ends

4) a dish washer straight tube (has 1 1/2 tube with 3/4 inch connected to it)

Looking at the sink front, the left sink drain with SHORT stub (comes with Sink Kit) gets the Sink Kit 90 long bend (dry fit before cutting to meet tee at other sink), next do not use the long tee that comes with the Sink Kit, use the stubby tee with the water flow still going to the right NOT down (means that the bottom of the tee goes to the sink drain). Cut real short piece of tube to connectright of this tee to the 90 elbow facing it down. To this you connect the dishwasher drain piece. To the bottom of the drain tube you connect a 1 1/2 inch white hose with reducers that connect to the through hull. To the 3/4 inch dishwasher tube you connect the ice box drain. The difference of the method and the Mainsheet is he brazed on a tube for the ice box drain where I purchased a pre-made unit. The other thing that I am doing is the DW drain stub on mine will be used as a vent with a hose running up the side wall. This may not be needed but I will have it if needed.

Al and Michele
#55 "Kindred Spirit"

This has now been tested on my boat, as we did launch April 19th. I checked the sink right away. I was happy to report to the assistant Captain, that water SWIRLS down the drain as if MR DRANO was in the neighborhood.

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